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Dear Members,

Our temporary price reduction for registering animals 2 years and older is only valid until May 1st, 2021

You only pay $21.00 dollar per animal instead of $42.00 if you are a current member.

Here are just a few benefits of registering your animal:

- identifies animals and provides a record of ownership

- provides a record of breeders and bloodlines

- eligibility for recognition in the Alpaca Canada Annual awards if they compete in fleece or halter shows.

- allows the CLAA and Alpaca Canada to have a more complete picture of the size and demographics of the National herd, which can help both organizations make more accurate decisions to help support the industry.

- allows breeders the control to register those animals as breeding or non-breeding animals to better ensure their decision is respected by future owners if the animal is sold or re-sold.

- can help support breeding decisions, as potential buyers and breeders can track offspring and may gain a more accurate picture of progeny quality (colour, patterns, sex, breeding status, etc.).

If the animal is sold or re-sold, it

- adds value to the animal (even registering non-breeding animals as non-breeding)

- can help build a breeders reputation through accurate documentation of their herds.

- can help support accurate tracking of genetic disorders and overall health and longevity within the lineage.

If you need to order blood cards or microchips please contact me at the office

Thank you

Corinna Drust - Executive Administrator
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